How Your Donations Help

The Lubbock Chorale depends on the generous support of businesses, arts alliances and individuals to raise the money required to produce a season of great choral music. We also supplement these sources of income with ticket sales and dues that are paid by the members of the Chorale.

The expenses faced by the Chorale include paying for orchestra players, publicity, salaries for the music director, accompanist and business manager. These are but a few of the ongoing expenses faced by the Chorale to produce concerts of choral music for the Lubbock and South Plains area.

Special thanks to the CH Foundation, the Helen Jones Foundation, and Civic Lubbock Inc. for their generous support of The Lubbock Chorale.

Corporate and Community Sponsors

Thanks to Our Contributors

With the help of our generous contributors, The Lubbock Chorale is able to produce breathtaking performances throughout the year. Please contact our Business Manager to discuss your support for the Chorale at

$1,000 & ABOVE
James and Carol Wallace
The Mamlok Family Fund
Tyler and Erin Dipprey
Brad and Birgit Green
Dennis and Ellen Harp
Shelley Harp
Patricia Herman
Roger and Mary Saathoff
Al* and Iris Sneed
James and Joan Williamson
Andy and Heidi Wilson
Mark and Betsy Bass
Carolyn and Jim Eaks
Charles and Jennifer Klein
David and Joynce Knaff
Micah Logan
Paul & Linda Walter
Ken and Laura Baake
Monte and Gwen Bain
William and Cathy Ballenger
Dave and Dawn Bender
Maxine Brozo
Karl and Robin Dent
Pat Douglass
David and Mona Freriks
Pat Karnes
Terry Hawkins and Doug Klepper
Texas Instruments Foundation
Mary Asbell and Allan Mackenzie
Audrey and Baren McCool
Steven Paul and Daniel Kropuenske
Peter and Liz Wagner
Billy Castleberry
Jennifer Holder
Bob Howell
Elizabeth Linder
Lubbock Arts Alliance
Jill Nelson
J. Edson and Jean Way
Lottie Hilton and Judge Pat Moore Altrusa Club Music Scholarship

Rev. Dr. William Joseph Hollins

Special thanks to Cornelia De Riese grant for their generous donation.