About TLC


The Lubbock Civic Chorale began in September 1976, following numerous enthusiastic performances by a "sing-along" group during the city’s Bicentennial celebration. That first group was only a handful of singers who had a dream of creating choral excellence on the South Plains. Over the years, the group grew to a viable force in Lubbock. In 1985, the Chorale was asked to perform with the Texas Tech University choirs and the University Symphony Orchestra in the annual Scholarship Concerts. The ensemble changed its name to The Lubbock Chorale in October 1992 and has steadily and consistently grown in stature and reputation to become a viable artistic force in the South Plains. Concert seasons now regularly include the presentation of choral masterworks with full symphony orchestra.

Mission Statement, Vision & Goals

The Lubbock Chorale will be a positive force in the advocacy and evolution of the choral art through cultivating educational opportunities, nurturing intergenerational experiences, and creating musical excellence on the Texas High Plains. The Lubbock Chorale prepares and performs choral music to the highest artistic standards for the West Texas community. The Lubbock Chorale's goals are to create the finest possible artistic product; to cultivate a sense of community and camaraderie among people of all ages, both students and community members, who appreciate the choral art; to support the academic and artistic growth and development of students in the Texas Tech University School of Music; to perform art music of various styles and genres in a variety of performance venues; to strive for excellence and to share the aesthetic beauty of choral music through performances that meet the highest artistic standards.

Administrative Council

Board Of Directors


The Lubbock Chorale

The Lubbock Chorale
Dr. John Hollins, Artistic Director
Dr. Debbie Gelber, Accompanist
Anh Van Collins, Business Manager
Harrison Saldana, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Chorale Members


Kristen Acker
Betsy Bass
Karen Boggs
Paula Bownds
Allison Boye
Alexa Brown
Abigail Buckholz
Marella Canny
Dorothy Chansky
Mariann Davidson*
Jdee Early
Kristi Edwards
Sheri Fowler
Marissa Garcia
Janie Harms
Karen Hybner
Lisa Karnes
Chris Kimbler
Barbara Kizer
Katie Moore
Kensly Peck
Claire Randolph
Glenda Reynolds
Samantha San Francisco
Susan San Francisco
Lynn Speer
Tingting Tang*
Kathryn Thompson
Kimberly Tombs
Maurita Trevino
Melanie Ungar
Ran Wang*
Jeanine Wheeler
Alyssa Wixson**
Yue Zhao*


Michellinda Audis*
Naomi Babb
Gwendolyn Bain
Kristina Butler
Leigh Crane
Caroyln Eaks
Natalie Galindo
Joan Goodman-Williamson
Ellen Peffley Harp
Lissette Jimenez*
Pam Kennedy
Rachael Klein
Julie Kim
Faith La Lande
Jennifer Lilley
Kimberly Lytton
Lauren Martin
Jennifer Milligan
Kristina Peterson
Courtney Reed
Nancy Russell
Iris Sneed
Ashley West-Davis*
Cynthia West-Ward
Marion Williams
Heidi Wilson
Karen Wood
Ruvjie Xu


Andrew Campbell*
Cory Gonzales
Robert Howard
Michael Hybner
William Linthicum-Blackhorse*
Jack Clinton Looney
Rolla Randel
Phyllis Robinson
Harrison Saldana*
Ken Smith
Reynaldo Torres
David Warren*


Dave Bender
Steve Cheaney
Jay Dougherty
Arthur Elliot
Terry Forbes
Jacob Garcia*
Gabriel Hernandez
Brian Hickey
Melvin Laski
Don Lytton
Mike McCasland
Antonio Pagan
Josh Reynolds*
Barry Thomas
Paul Vasquez*
Skipper Wood
Kerry Wright

*Denotes TTU Scholarship Singers
**2018-2019 Recipient of the Lottie Hilton and Judge Patmoore Altrusa Club Music Scholarship

This list represents all currently active members. Some members may not participate in every concert.

Scholarship Singers

2018-2019 Scholarship Singers

Michellinda Audis
Andrew Campbell
Mariann Davidson
Lissette Jimenez
William Linthicum-Blackhorse
Jacob Garcia
Josh Reynolds
Harrison Saldana
Tingting Tang
Paul Vasquez
David Warren
Ashley West-Davis